Why perform this movement? This week we will continue to go over progressions of the side plank that we looked at last week. The second variation we will look at is the side plank with row. Like the standard side plank the side plank with row is a great exercise that focuses on the lateral musculature of the core and promotes shoulder stability and can hit the muscles of the lateral hip. The side plank is one of the main anti-lateral flexion exercises in our repertoire. The side plank with row adds in a rotational component to the exercise. You will now have to resist the band trying to pull you forward and not rotate. The row also allows one to learn to activate their lats to help create tension.

When to perform: Just as the standard side plank the side plank with row works pretty much anywhere during your workout. Try the side plank with row to work on full body bracing before more complex lifts. Side planks should be prevalent in your every day programming to help build a strong and solid core.

How to Perform? To perform a side plank with row you will want to attach a band on a rack or pole in front of you. The stronger the band the harder the exercise! From there you will want to line up perpendicular to the band and get in a solid side plank position as we discussed in past weeks here.

Once you are in a solid side plank you can reach out for the band with your top arm. The farther up the band you grab the more tension you will create making the exercise even harder. Once you have a solid grip start to row the band into your side driving your elbow to the wall behind you and squeezing your shoulder blade. Once you are fully rowed reach your hand back out towards the rack the band is attached to until your arm is straight. You can repeat for reps or pull back and hold the rowed position for an isometric.

If at first, this exercise is too difficult, try bending your knees at 90 degrees to shorten the lever arm.

Written By: Paul Milano