FMA Tuesday Tune-Up – Side Plank with Oblique Bias

Why perform this movement? The side plank is a great exercise that focuses on the lateral musculature of the core. The side plank also promotes shoulder stability and can hit the muscles of the lateral hip. The side plank is one of the main anti-lateral flexion exercises in our repertoire. This variation of the side plank biases the obliques slightly more than the original feet stacked version we went over. This version is not a progression or regression but just a lateralization for the standard side plank

When to perform: The side plank works pretty much anywhere during your workout. Try side planks during your warm-up to promote proper bracing. Side planks should be prevalent in your every day programming to help build a strong and solid core.

How to Perform? To perform a side plank with oblique bias you will set up exactly like you did the standard side plank that we went over here. The main difference is instead of stacking your feet on top of each other you will put your top leg in front of your bottom leg.

You will want to lay on your side with your elbow under your shoulder and your top leg placed heel to toe with your bottom leg. From here you will push yourself up into side plank position thinking about driving the floor away from you with your elbow and both feet to try and get your whole body as far off the ground as possible. Once you are up you will reach your opposite arm to the ceiling and attempt to stack both shoulders over top each other. You will then think about doing a pelvic tilt with your hips and making sure your ship bones are stacked as well. Hold for time. Try working up to 20-30s at a time.  

Stay tuned next week as we dive into variations of the side plank and get out there and get planking.

Written By: Paul Milano