We coach clients with a wide range of goals. As such, we develop a 100% customized program to meet your current needs and take you far into the future with lasting results.  Our online coaching program is for people who want to increase strength, power, athletic performance and conditioning; It is for people who want to gain muscle, lose fat, and boost confidence in and out of the gym.

We also specialize in sport specific training programs. We believe strength is the foundation of all performance. Our sport specific coaching provides programs based on the particular demands of your sport to ensure you have a solid foundation of strength to produce optimal performance. Whether you are on the field, on the court, on the OCR course or on the powerlifting platform, we will give you the tools to perform and produce results. 


All programs are designed by Coach Paul Milano. Coach Paul is an elite powerlifter, having competed over the last ten years in multiple powerlifting and strongman competitions. While his achievements in the sport of powerlifting and strongman are numerous, his expertise and experience are not limited to those disciplines. Coach Paul has worked with people of all backgrounds, men, and women, young and old, experienced lifters to people who have never stepped foot in a gym. He continues to coach a wide range of people on a daily basis in our gym, FMA Performance. When not programming for clients, Paul is on the training floor, coaching clients, helping them get better, stronger, and showing them how to crush their perceived limitations. He does not sit in an office all day, trolling the popular fitness sites, regurgitating programs from training books and passing them off as his own creation. He takes his "in the gym, bar in hand" experience and uses it to design customized, effective, programs built around your needs and resources. Each program is built on the foundation of his experience as an elite powerlifter, athlete, strength and conditioning coach, and his daily interaction with clients just like you.


Programs are designed based on your current fitness level and your current resources. Whether you are training at a commercial gym or in your garage, the fully customized program will optimize all your resources to get results.

Our online coaching package includes:

  • Detailed health and goal assessment

  • Personal consultation - a 30-minute phone call to discuss goals and process

  • In-depth assessment of movement patterns and current fitness level

  • Weekly training program designed specifically to your needs, providing adjusts based on your feedback

  • Weekly video review with training notes of main lifts

  • Ongoing support through exclusive access to personal email with a 24-hour response

  • Nutritional recommendations to help you make good choices in the kitchen that will support your training.

If you’re going to put the time in, make sure you are using the right tools for the job. A proper training program is the map on your journey to reaching new heights and achieving things you once thought impossible. Let us be part of your team in doing great things!


The FMA Online Coaching package is priced at $125.00/month with a minimum commitment of three months. CT state sales tax is not included.

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