Semi-customized Programs

At FMA, we offer four semi-customized programs. Members can chose from one of these programs and train them during our small group class hours. 

These programs are included as part of member monthly fees. There is NO additional charge for these semi-customized programs.

The Metabolic Hypertrophy program is designed to build lean muscle and increase work capacity through the use of higher volume training and specific training principles. If you like the way you look and feel with added lean muscle and love the metabolic effect of high volume training, this program is for you.

As an "athlete of the real world" your playing field is everyday life. You need the strength and athleticism to take on life's physical challenges, making everyday tasks easier. With the Total Performance program, you will focus on building an athletic, strong, lean body. It will help you build the strength and resiliency to meet life’s daily challenges head on and stay safe conquering them.

The Absolute Strength program focuses on building the strongest body you have ever experienced!
If you want to be strong as hell, you love the feeling of lifting weight you never imagined possible and wake up the next morning thinking about your next PR, this program is for you.

Designed as a fast paced, full body workout that can be completed in under an hour. Short on time? There will be no percentages to calculate, numbers to writes down or programs to print out. Come in, warm up, lift some weights, crush some conditioning work and get back to your busy day! Start to finish in under an hour!

"I want to say thank you and I really appreciate all the extra steps you took and continue to take to help me out. FMA has completely changed my life and I'd hate to see where I'd be without it. - Grant"

Personal Program Design

Specific lift goals? Specific performance goals? Not making progress dispite your best efforts? Feeling beat up in the weightroom or dealing with chronic injury?

FMA Performance can deliver personalized programming for a fraction of the cost of private training. You can now have a 100% personalized program designed for your specific goals and still implement the program in regularly scheduled training. This program is not developed around a standard format. Each program is designed from scratch based on your goals and/or unique needs.  If you have specific lift goals, a personal program can be optimized to help you achieve your strongest lifts ever. If you have specific performance goals on the court, the race course, or the field, a personal program can be designed to build strengths specific to the demands of the event. If you have not trained in years because of chronic injury, back issues, joint pain, a personal program can be developed to help strengthen and/or work around injuries.

If you choose this option, there will be an additional programming fee of $45.00 + tax per month charged to your account.  The charge will provide one monthly program update. You MUST be training with FMA Performance at least 2x/week to take advantage of this program.

Performance Assessment

The FMA/Tuff Girl Performance Assessment is a movement assessment system used to evaluate the quality of movement patterns needed for optimal training performance. Strong fundamental movement patterns create the foundation for high-level performance while decreasing the risk of injury. Whether you are an athlete, strength and conditioning enthusiast or a weekend warrior, proper movement is one of the most important factors in long-term progression and performance.

The Performance Assessment is approximately an hour long, performed by an experienced coach and covering all aspects of joint mobility and stability. The assessment will evaluate proper scapular movement, thoracic and lumbar spine positioning, as well as stability and mobility through the shoulders, hips, knees, foot and ankle. These areas will be addressed through exercise as well as breathing patterns and posture. It will also evaluate several movement patterns essential to performance in the gym.

Once the assessment is complete, a take home exercise prescription will be developed to build up weak areas and address trouble spots. An exercise modification list, aka a “do this, not that” list, will also be developed which can be integrated into your personal training programs and group trainings.

The cost for the FMA Performance Assessment is $120.00 + tax.

Personal Training

If you’re looking for the ultimate in personal program design and personal attention, the FMA/Tuff Girl Personal Training Program is for you. This program provides one-on-one training with an experienced coach, performance and goals assessment, and a personal training program designed to help you surpass your training goals.

Personal training sessions are $100.00 + tax/hour.

The FMA/Tuff Girl Small Group Training Program provides personal program design and personal attention for groups of up to three clients. The program provides all the benefits of personal training in a small group atmosphere.

Group training sessions are $150.00 + tax/hour for groups of up to three clients, with a minimum committment of three sessions. After the initial three sessions, single group sessions can be purchased. If a client would like to join an established group, that client would first have go through a Performance Assessment before joining the group. The cost of a Performance Assessment is $120.00 + tax

Prenatal / Postpartum Program Design

A custom program for those of you who desire to stay safe and strong during your pregnancy and after you have your baby. This total body program is no impact and focuses on safely building strength, especially through your core, pelvic floor and back in the safest way possible for your body and your baby.

You do not need to have any prior strength training experience to join our program.

This program is free to current members. Please email to get started.

Nutrition Services

Any successful strength and conditioning program needs to have a nutrition aspect.  

Our nutrition services take an in-depth look at what you are doing now, where you want to be and bridges the gap between both points.  Remember, less is not always more.  Food quantity, meal composition and meal timing affect us all differently and each plan is tailored to your specific goals.  

Our nutrition service includes:

  • An in-depth analysis of your current diet, including hydration and supplementation, as well as time constraints, family obligation, work, stress and budget.
  • An assessment of your training and lifestyle factors Development of a personalized nutrition plan
  • 1 hour, in-person discussion of initial nutrition plan so you can be confident and knowledgeable about your dietary changes
  • Daily/weekly email support, changes, Q&A and feedback are used to continue moving you toward your goal throughout the month

During subsequent months, our nutrition service includes:

  • 1 hour, in person discussion of food logs, progress and changes
  • Daily/weekly email support, changes, Q&A and feedback are used to continue moving you toward your goal throughout the month

Cost for the first month  - $140.00 + tax
Cost for the subsequent months - $120.00 + tax/month
There is no contract or minimum commitment…